Movement – a reflection

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Today I came stumbled upon this video on my phone. A wish I sent friends on January 1. Time flies. Today is October 1. What became of that movement? Or has a lot been set in motion unconsciously?

Unconscious motion?

Looking at myself, January 1 seems ages ago. I decided to leave Amsterdam; to sell my apartment and find a new home in Zeist (back to my roots). This move came  with a lot of renovation hassle and a bridging period in a holiday home in the woods. And it was marked a movement to another phase in life. Letting go of my kids literally. Giving space – to them – and taking up more space – for me. Becoming who I am, and being able to take big steps in that direction again. More attention for meaningful work. Looking back it’s all here, it just happened. With seven-mile boots it seems, this step. I have also found peace. My daily morning walk with the dogs creates a movement inside. A moment of reflection, every day again, in the middle of nature.


And also a movement towards compassion. I was a ‘tough’ one. Formal, rational. It took a while, but I shook off that armor. I found a new truth, and also expressed doubt about the word vulnerability (a fable, as far as I’m concerned – more on this another time). On this spontanious journey of discovery inwards, I started foward in this journey,  with more focus and intention. Because I love movement!

Every day I gain more insight into who I am, what I need, and what I can give. Finding the balance in everything. Also in that movement.

Accidental reflection

I enjoy this accidental reflection moment. It feels like a present. And maybe you’ll see – just like me – that gratitude is especially appropriate. Just let go… then you will start to fly – effortless. The movements of wings are the most beautiful movements. To be carried in lightness by the weight of the air.

The video was not made by me by the way. But many thanks to the creator! I also don’t know how I got it either, but I’m glad someone shared this with me.

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