Balance between man and machine

The main theme in Margot’s talk is finding the new balance between man and machine. To find this balance we need to understand both the potential of the machine – Artificial Intelligence – and the potential of humankind. She is strongly positioned to inspire corporate audiences.


In three connecting topics Margot engages her audience in the future of work.

Margot has the unique ability to paint an appealing and intriguing picture of the future helping her audience to see the opportunities and feel the confidence to deal with the challenges. And in doing so bringing humanity back into business.


Artificial Intelligence and the future of work

In her talk Artificial Intelligence for dummies Margot helps her audience to become aware of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. With lots of examples on how it is being applied in the work of today and what opportunities lie ahead in the future. She helps her audience to understand the impact on work, sharing a positive perspective on how to stay relevant. She is a strong believer that we will ‘move up the value chain’ due to the uptake of artificial intelligence in the workspace. Her talk encourages the audience to face the future with confidence.


Adaptability and how we make the future

In her talk We make the future she paints a picture of Future Wonderland. It is an appealing future, but our adaptability seems to be a challenge. Because are we able to keep up with the rate of change of technology? Margot invites her audience to take on this challenge and gives her audience the tools to unleash their adaptability. Because we are much more adaptable than we think! We have it in us to make the future not just a good one, but a Future Wonderland!


Truly connected - as Homo Conexus

In her talk Homo Conexus – a new perspective on humankind she shares her vision on the value of humanity in an increasingly digitized world. Although we are digitally more connected than ever, we somehow feel less connected with our team, our organization and our society.  That’s were the Homo Conexus comes in. In her inspiring talk she shares her vision on the importance of connection and the true essence of humanity. She talks about the unique qualities of humans and shows her audience how to make the most out of these qualities.