Let machines do what they are good at and have us - humans - be what we are good at.

Margot van Brakel

On a mission

In 2007 Margot started her company –  EmpoweringPeople – focussed on the human side of transformation within corporates.. Now that “work” is in a huge transformation – the biggest change ever,  she feels the need to step in, to help find the right balance between man and machine. As an advocate of the power of people, and a believer in the added value of technology. To get it right and bring humanity back into business.

Since 2019 she takes the stage and shares her insights and vision on this topic. More and more she integrates sound in her performance, because sound can speak louder than words. 

Human being

That’s the professional Margot, but at the same time she is just another human being, with human struggles and questions. In 2012 her eldest daughter got a depression. Her own response to this challenge made her reflect on what we pass on to our children. Building a better world, a better workplace, goes hand in hand with building a healthy sustainable view on ourselves and our value as humans.

At the end of 2019 her book ‘De mens van morgen – van Homo Sapiens naar Homo Conexus ‘ was published, tying this all together and introducing the concept of Homo Conexus.

In September 2020 she was invited to share her story at TEDxWassenaar.

In 2022 she started exploring the power of sound, integrating that into her keynotes. Now, more and more she uses sound as a key ingredient to provide an empowering experience for her audience. To learn more about her SOUND vision, visit HomoConexus.com

De mens van morgen - van homo sapiens naar homo conexus

In November 2019 Margot’s first book was published. In this book Margot shares her vision of people today and paints a picture of humanity in the near future. With a unique combination of personal experiences and insights linked to social themes, it exposes the essence. Tomorrow People are real people, able to connect like no other – but not just in a digital way. Homo conexus distinguishes itself by its ability to and need to be connected, with yourself, with others and with the whole. in order to revalue human values from that connection and to really give space to diversity.

Tomorrow People is an interesting, optimistic view of humanity in the (near) future. The book is only available in Dutch, but you can find an extract of the book in English here.

€ 24,95

De mens van morgen

Introduction of Homo Conexus

€ 24,95

The future starts with a C

All the C’s you need for tomorrow.

Release Q1 2024

The future starts with a C

Early ’24 Margot’s new book will be published.
We don’t know what the future will be like. But we’re moving towards it all the same. This book will help you navigate towards the future with confidence. With tools and qualities that are of value today, and will be of increasing value for your tomorrow. A book that will make you see yourself in a different light and understand how you can take the future in your own hands. Practical and inspiring. Pre-order your copy now.

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